Thursday, June 25, 2015

Project Double Upp

Well, I started this blog to record my experiences as I go through the painful process of finding THE ONE .... online!
Am at that age where most Indian parents start to get worried that you might be reaching the end of your potency period. Am a male, so that gives some leeway, and I can't thank god enough for making me a man. I don't think I'd survive the mental agony that my female friends have to go through with the whole marriage process. I call it a process because unless you're in the 0.314159 % who found your partner in your school\college\work place\drunk at a party, you'll probably land up in the marriage marketplace. You'll be given a value based on your complexion, your weight, your height, your income, the list goes on.
And here comes the kicker, the uncle who you never knew and who made stupid drunk jokes while you were growing up, his occupation is important too.

People will judge you based on every morsel of information that they find about you. And by the end of it, all of the romance in you will be sucked out and what will be left is a human equivalent of a spreadsheet that would evaluate how much someone else is worth. Congratulations, you've been processed!